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Our Projects


Having an idea is one thing. Turning it into a profit-making business is quite another. YCPN provides seed capital, finance, training, mentoring, and networking to young Congolese entrepreneur with innovative ideas in order to start and build a successful campany that would create jobs  

Diaspora and community engagement

Provide mentoring to Young Congolese refugees in order to help their integration into a different culture.

Mentoring can help young refugees:

· Improve their well-being

· Improve their self-confidence, communication skills, and motivation

· Strengthen their self-esteem

· Support their continued education

·  Potentially reduce involvement with criminality and/or extremism

Personal and Professional Development

YCPN Provides a platform to help Young Congolese in their career development journey.

YCPN Provides scholarship, training, and tools to assist Congolese students to acquire skills necessary to achieve college, career, and lifelong success.

We will e organize different programs and events such as panel discussions and invited speakers series on career development topics.

Through our blog,  We will offer useful tips and guides articles to help members in their career development journey